Loving your Aloe Vera

This hefty leafed beauty makes a perfect addition to any Jungle. The power of the gel and feelings you get for taking care of her will heal inside and out.


Light – For those leaves to stay full and thick, keep your Aloe in bright indirect light. If her leaves are getting thin and leggy she needs more light.


Water – Aloe Vera is a succulent and stores water in her leaves. So it is easy to over water. Wait until your Aloe has dried out, you can then give her a nice soaking but remember to drain all excess water to prevent root rot. If you prefer a schedule, no more then once every 2 weeks should be sufficient.


Soil – Most indoor plants do well in a basic indoor plant mix. As long as it is well draining your Aloe Vera will grow. When it is time to repot, usually when you notice it stop growing, make sure to plant in a size no larger then 2” in diameter.


Temperature – Keep your Aloe away from drafts. This can make your Aloe dry out too fast and create stress. Keep at a temperature above 15°C.


Humidity – Aloe doesn’t need high humidity to thrive.


Regular Maintenance – Aloe Vera gel can be a life and skin saver in a heated emergency. Just remember not to ingest the gel and keep away pets. Fun fact: the gel smells awful and it is very sticky!

July 20, 2021 — Jessica Girard

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