Loving your Croton

Crotons are popular for their vibrant yellow, green and red leaves. Ranging in different hues of each colour they add a wonderful uniqueness to Jungley homes.


Light – Crotons prefer bright indirect light. To maintain the bright colours it will need at least 6 hours of light every day.


Water – Crotons are from a very tropical climate and like to me moist throughout their growing season. Come Fall and Winter reduce watering while dormant.  


Soil – Most indoor plants do well in a basic indoor plant mix. As long as it is well draining your Croton will grow. If it’s time to repot, usually when you notice it stop growing, make sure to plant in a size no larger then 2” in diameter.


Temperature – Keep your Croton away from drafts. This can make your Croton dry out too fast and create stress. Keep at a temperature above 15°C.


Humidity – Croton do best in high humidity environments. An easy and affective way to keep your Croton humid is by spraying it regularly with water.


Regular Maintenance – Crotons don’t like to be moved or getting cold. They get stressed out very easily in those situations. When you first place your Croton in her new home, be sure there is a lot of indirect light and you won’t need to move it for a while. It may lose a couple leaves but giving her light and taking care of her watering needs will ensure she is comfy.

July 20, 2021 — Jessica Girard

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