Loving your Ficus Burgundy (Rubber Tree)

Stunningly elegant leaves that carry rich deep tones of green and burgundy, reaching high to touch the ceiling. Your Rubber plant is a show stopper.


Light – Ficus do best in bright indirect light.


Water – Your Ficus likes staying moist in the summer but needs it a little drier in her dormant seasons. A good rule of thumb is to water every week or 2 in the late Spring/Summer months and 2 to 3 weeks in the Fall/Winter months. Drain any and all excess water to prevent root rot.


Soil – Most indoor plants do well in a basic indoor plant mix. As long as it is well draining your Ficus will grow. When it is time to repot, usually when you notice it stop growing, make sure to plant in a size no larger then 2” in diameter.


Temperature – Keep your Ficus away from drafts. This can make your Ficus dry out too fast and create stress. Keep at a temperature above 15°C.


Humidity – Ficus do best in high humidity environments. An easy and affective way to keep your Hoya humid is by spraying it regularly with water and wiping down the leaves. It’s good practice to check under the leaves and the stem of your tree for any pests.


Regular Maintenance – As your Rubber plant matures you may notice aerial roots. In their native landscape this helps stable the tree by branching out on the ground. You may cut them off or leave them on, it’s up to! Just be sure to keep away from curious pets.

July 20, 2021 — Jessica Girard

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