Loving your Pilea

This fun and easy to care for plant has grown in popularity over the last few years. Producing baby’s for propagation practice, sending all the good luck vibes, and tolerating most home conditions is what makes a Pilea perfect for everyone!


Light – Pilea love bright indirect light. It will tolerate low light but you may have darker leaves. Be sure to rotate your Pilea every couple of weeks so you get even growth on all sides.


Water – You can water Pilea when the soil is around 50% dry. A good way to test is by lifting your pot up to check the weight. If it feels very light then water until it comes out the bottom of the pot. Be sure to drain any and all excess as the Pilea is very prone to root rot.


Soil – Most indoor plants do well in a basic indoor plant mix. As long as it is well draining your Pilea will grow. When it is time to repot, usually when you notice it stop growing, make sure to plant in a size no larger then 2” in diameter.


Temperature – Keep your Pilea away from drafts. This can make your Pilea dry out too fast and create stress. Keep at a temperature above 15°C.


Humidity – Pilea doesn’t need high humidity to thrive. Misting every now and then would be appreciated though!


Regular Maintenance – If there are yellow leaves on your Pilea be sure to remove them by pinching from the base of the plant. This will promote new growth and keep your Pilea healthy. The Pilea produce many “baby” plants and you can either give them to friends or try your hand at propagating!

Just be sure to use a clean knife when cutting off the pups from the mother plants. You can place in a jar or glass of water or stick directly in soil.

July 20, 2021 — Jessica Girard

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