Loving your Spider Plant

Striped leaves that flow gracefully make this Spider plant the go to Jungle vibe giving plant. Perfect for either hanging in our macrame or on shelves, a versatile, pet friendly, easy to care for favourite!



Light – Spider plants prefer bright indirect light but will tolerate lower light levels. The leaves are very sensitive to direct sunlight and will burn very easily to take care not to place in direct sun.


Water – Spring and Summer are growing seasons and the Spider plant prefers to be moist but like to dry out in the winter. They are prone to root rot so drain any and all excess. Spider plants are sensitive to chlorine and fluoride in their water. If you notice brown tips try changing to rain water or distilled water.


Soil – Most indoor plants do well in a basic indoor plant mix. As long as it is well draining your Spider plant will grow. When it is time to repot, usually when you notice it stop growing, make sure to plant in a size no larger then 2” in diameter.


Temperature – Keep your Spider plant away from drafts. This can make it dry out too fast and create stress. Keep at a temperature above 15°C.


Humidity – Spider plants are okay in less humid areas but will thrive when misted regularly.


Regular Maintenance – Once your Spider plant has matured you may notice long white shoot with “baby” spider plants at the tip. You can cut those off and test your propagating thumb! Putting them in a glass or jar of water is the best way to get the started. Give to friends or plant new ones for yourself, it’s very easy to do and baby’s will keep growing.

July 20, 2021 — Jessica Girard

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