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The latest walkthrough in the greenhouse has brought to the store these 2 stunning plants that are not only easy to care for but so unique in foliage! You don't want to miss out on bringing these into your Jungle.

In this bundle you will receive two plants in matching pots.


Plant #1: String of Turtles 

This unique trailing semi-succulent is all you've been waiting for! Easy to care for, pet friendly and just the cutest little leaves you will find, this gorgeous plant will give you that plants bug. 

If lovingly cared for the String of Turtles can trail down as long as you let it. They are slow growing depending on how much light and humidity they receive.

Pet Friendly!


Plant #2: ZZ Plant

The Zanzibar Gem originates from Africa making it pretty drought tolerant and easy to care for. The ZZ plant grows in vertical when just starting out but as they mature can cascade and flow out. New leaves come in a light green and harden off to a darker green creating a stunning contrast in foliage.

If lovingly cared for ZZ plants can reach a height of up to 18 inches or more. They are slow growing depending on how much light they receive.

Keep away from pets and children.

Customer Reviews

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Helen Schmidt
Very Pleased

My plants arrived in good condition. The string of Turtles lost some leaves, but that is to be expected! They look very healthy, I hope I can keep them that way! - Thank You! ❤️